More than 60 percent of U.S. homes are “over-assessed”, says an industry trade group. Homeowners in Philadelphia pay more in property taxes than they otherwise should have to.  You might be one of them.

Have you considered fighting your real estate tax bill?

In this 4-minute piece from The Today Show, you’ll learn:

  • When to file your tax bill dispute for the best chances of winning
  • How to pull your “property card” and check for tax bill-raising errors
  • What to do if the taxing authority turns down your request

Most importantly, you’ll learn that don’t need to hire an attorney to fight your tax bill.  You just need to be prepared.  Do your research and make your case. It’s estimated that nearly half of all contesting homeowners are successful. In fact, I have appealed my own taxes, both in Pennsylvania and California, and have been succesful in both marketplaces. However it is possible that even if you are succesful, your local township could appeal the reduction made by the county, in which case, you need to move forward to a more complicated situation where an attorney might benefit you.

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