Four Signs You Have Mold in Your Attic, and What You Can Do About It, Now!Signs of mold in your attic can be indicative of a bigger problem in your house, which is why it is a good idea to nip this situation in the bud as soon as you see it developing.

The signs of this type of fungus can be quite diverse and sometimes unexpected, so it pays to understand exactly what to look for if you suspect you have mold in your attic. Here are the four signs that you have mold in your attic, as well as what you can do about it right now.

Sign #1: You Spot Condensation In Your Attic

Condensation often occurs in cold spots in your home, and it is also one of the primary causes of mold. In fact, if you have condensation, it may build up and start to form droplets or even small pools of water. Look for condensation to appear in places such as metal pipes and windows, and any area in the attic that is cold to the touch.

Sign #2: Water Leaks In From Outside

Continuing the pattern that mold relates to moisture, water leaks can be a surefire indication of mold. If you notice a leak in your roof from the attic, then that’s a pretty reliable indication of a mold problem. Sometimes, though, water leaks can be hidden, as when they occur inside the wall cavities of your attic.

Sign #3: Are There Any Water Stains On The Ceiling?

When you spot water stains on the ceiling of your attic, you can expect it will turn out to be mold. This holds especially true if the water stains that you see are yellowish in appearance. Water stains can also appear in even darker colors – and if they do, it’s a major sign that you have mold.

Sign #4: Rust On Pipes, Nails And Windows

Rust is never a good thing to spot in your attic, as this is a reliable sign of a mold problem. Examples of places where you might see rust in your attic are on the metal pipes, the windows and on any nails. When rust shows up, this usu